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Leveraging trends and data for nationwide results.

Coravin, the global leader in wine preservation technology, provides consumers with choices and flexibility when it comes to drinking wine, liberating them from the pressure to finish a bottle once opened. The innovative preservation product enables wine enthusiasts to savor one glass at a time from endless bottles without worrying over the wine going bad. 

To highlight the unique features and benefits of the Coravin system, Gear developed a strategy which leveraged the heightened media coverage surrounding the trend of consumers starting the new year with “Damp January.” To add color and numerous news hooks to the story, Gear worked with a third-party research company to conduct a survey about Americans’ wine drinking habits and preferences. The survey yielded interesting results which were incorporated into a national press release highlighting key statistics, while focusing on how the Coravin devices solve a consumer problem.  

The release was distributed nationwide over the wire accompanied by a playful infographic which highlighted the most interesting data.


Additionally, Gear conducted one-on-one outreach to targeted top-tier media leveraging the assets even further. The results were remarkable, with the campaign generating over 288 stories and reaching an impressive 185,356,498 impressions, raising awareness for Coravin and its products.  

Building on this success, Gear continued to leverage the survey data throughout the year, integrating relevant statistics into media pitches, ensuring that Coravin remained in the spotlight.  

Coravin Case Study New York Post 12.07_edited.jpg
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